Current Status


I’m currently working as a contractor for Autodesk in the cloud rendering team, supporting development and creating various content with a focus on photorealistic materials and evaluation of current rendering technologies.


Night on M13

2013 – 2014

This illustration shows what a night would look like if Earth was orbiting a star near the center of M13, the Hercules Cluster.

It’s a realistic as possible, based on a real evolutionary simulation of a cluster like M13.



2012 – 2013

Large high quality illustrations are some of the things I enjoy doing the most.

Recently I had the opportunity to do a few and to explore new techniques and workflows.

Cloud Rendering

January 2011 – November 2012

Cloud Rendering was an Autodesk labs project (Neon) that evolved from the technology developed for Showroom.

It’s currently a fully supported and growing service part of the Autodesk 360 cloud services offering.



January 2010 – January 2011

Homestyler is a free home remodeling design product. Users can assemble their dream house from thousands of available products.

At that time, it needed a completely new rendering pipeline, content creation tools, and tons of workflow improvements.


Domemaster Stereo Shader

July – October 2010

A simple challenge that made me go back to my developer roots and resulted in one of the projects I’m most proud of.

Stereoscopic images on flat screen ain’t easy, and on planetarium domes are a lot harder. But can be done.


August 2008 – January 2010

Showroom goal was to create photorealistic catalogs where users could experiments with different products and different environments.

It was a challenge, but also a very rewarding experience.


Demo Content

January 2007 – August 2008

While part of the Technical Marketing team, I created various demo models, scenes, and scripts for trade shows and other events.

This was a good and creative time, even if most projects were on very tight schedules.


Training Content

February 2005 – December 2006

Tutorials, videos, and DVD/book covers were a good opportunity to try and be creative with often basic or boring training material.

It was a good experience and a good fit. Some of the experience gained here was vital for what I was going to do later on.

mental ray Techniques DVD

June 2004 – April 2006

A very long, very challenging project where I wanted to explain rendering concepts in the most engaging and visual way.

This DVD contains 82 minutes of animations, and hundreds of models and scenes. The most complex thing I’ve done so far.


3ds Max New Features Guides

2002 – 2005

A highly illustrated set of booklets that were released with 3d Studio Max 5, 6, 7, and 8. They were a quick and easy way to learn about each release new features.

They won 3 awards from the Society of Technical Communication.


August 2000 – January 2005

During the years I was part of the documentation team, I created hundreds and hundreds of images of all kinds and styles.

It was a great learning opportunity where I dealt with online and printed material.


Animation Basics DVD

March – April 2004

A short but exciting small project where I refined my animation skills and learned some new tricks.

Check out the short animation. Simple, but full of life.


Internet Animation ’99

1999 – 2000

A collaboration between pro and beginners trying to find out new ways to teach animation.

The team never met, and everything was coordinated through internet.



December 1996 – June 1998

Eroica was my second animation ever, done in my spare time during long evenings and nights spent at the office.

The effort paid off, as it was accepted for the Siggraph 1998 Electronic Theater and the 1999 NY Animation Festival.


Microsoft WPGI

February 1993 – January 1996

I spent 3 years in Ireland working for Microsoft. Not exactly a “project”, but worth mentioning because of the experience.

Microsoft was a big leap forward compared to the previous jobs I held in Italy.



1991 – 1992

A multi-platform, multi-language set of applications to allow VAX/VMS users to send faxes from their own desks.

A great experience where I combined different OSs, communication methods, and learned a lot about user experience.



1987 – 1988

My first commercial application was a simple CAD for embroidered patterns connected to a fully automated sewing machine.

Lots of challenges at a time when 640×480 was all the hardware could do.

Past Life

Before 1988

A summary of what I had to go through during my school years.

Assembler, C, and hardware. Plenty of fun.