Animation Basics DVD

March – April 2004

The DVD was a personal project born out of a discussion thread on an Italian forum. We challenged each other to give life to simple primitives using all possible animation techniques, like squash, stretch, and secondary motion.

Each participant created their own short animation. Mine was called “Corone e Coronarie”, which can be translated into English as “crowns and coronary arteries”.

Final frame of the DVD opening sequence

Final frame of the DVD opening sequence

While working on the final animation I created also some simple animations to explain beginners the rules of timing, weight, secondary motion, etc. Simple stuff, but a lot of fun to do.

After I was done with the final animation, I decided it was worth to collect all those samples and package them somehow.

I had a copy of Adobe Encore, a DVD authoring application, on my desk, and so I chose to make a short DVD out of it, and in the process learn DVD authoring using all the possible DVD features available.

It took about a month to learn, create the backgrounds (still and animated), the intros, the subtitles, the image overlay layers, the idle loops, and make a DVD that actually was fun to browse and watch.


Video Post tutorial

There is a forgotten feature in 3ds max called Video Post. A couple of years later I wrote a tutorial about it that was released with the Max documentation using the final animation as a sample.

In the case of “Corone e Coronarie” I used Video Post to compose intros, credits, and audio.


Corone e Coronarie




Other Animations

The DVD opening sequence and four animations showing the effect of adding time and weight, secondary motion, and squash & stretch.


Where is the DVD now?

The DVD was a personal learning project. Some parts were posted on the forum, but the whole thing remained in my drawer. I still have it. Just ask me for a copy.



  • Thanks to Zafer Mustafa (from the Internet Animation ’99 project) for the music.


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